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Love of Flowers


I'm, Cheri, the owner and creative curator of Southern Charm Wedding and Events. I'm so excited you are here, and hope to learn more about you. As for me, I've been a designer for 24 years. My passion started at a young age along the side of my mother who was a designer as well. Over the years my career has taken me to some very incredible companies that have helped me form the company I own today. I left the design world in 2001 Just after the 9/11 attack in New York and pursued another dream of being an EMT, following in the steps of many in my family's long line of Firemen/ Paramedics. I truly loved the job and think its definitely, helps me to keep things totally under control when things get a little crazy. I made my return to the Floral industry in 2005, while keeping my hand in EMS, volunteering with our local fire department. Giving back is such an import piece of who I am and how I Run my business. I've traveled the World and have worked with some of the most incredible and talented designers in the industry. Whit out a doubt, I've been blessed.  My sweet Husband works with me to create many of our design structures. My family is a huge part of my business and you will often see them on sight with me. They are the heart of my business. 

Southern Charm Wedding and Events was created in 2012. I wanted to share my love of the Deep South. After spending 6 years in Texas, (which technically isn't the Deep South, but being from Colorado,  it was everything my heart and soul needed.) I found myself returning back to Colorado, and my heart felt empty. Texas inspired my soul and the creativity my hands so dearly loved to be busy with. I wanted to offer something to my clients that was classic and timeless fueled by the traditions and rich, lush style my heart felt so connected to there. I wanted to create something that was missing from Colorado, so my Southern Hospitality kicked into over drive, and I started this company with a deep passion of creating truly amazing weddings. 

I truly love everything about flowers and love helping to create amazing and stylish events. I have passion for creating tantalizing color palates, that intrigue your senses. I love classic and traditional tones but every once in a while a bright color palate is just what I need for sparking my creative expression. I love flowers that make big impacts with fragrances that entice you to lean in and take a moment to smell the roses! Someday's I think it's a test to see how many flowers I can pack into one arrangement, the more the merrier I feel! Greenery is a filler not a focal in my eyes! 

My favorite part about helping create weddings is  putting all the puzzle pieces together to create your special day. Each vendor plays a vital roll, and each piece makes your wedding extra special. I love details that set you apart from other brides. I love to chat about colors, textures and pull in elements that can really make your event come together. 

So if you're a lover of flowers, have a southern soul, or just like what we do, let's take a seat, have a cup of coffee and chat about your ideal wedding or event flowers. I truly feel I have been gifted in this wonderful industry and I would love to have you as part of our Southern Charm Story.